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Leona Hobbs is an experienced marketer and communicator. She brings awesomesauce to how she works, how she develops client strategies and how she engages clients, teams and consumers. Leona is available for a range of digital and social media services:


Strategic Planning

Define the strategic sweet spot where you reach your target customer and satisfy your bottom-line business goals. Implement social and digital plans that integrate with existing marketing and communications activities and generate measurable results.


Integrated Digital Marketing

The time has come to integrate siloed marketing activities to drive value. Impactful programs and campaigns need a blend of owned, earned and paid channel approaches to earn the attention of the audience and keep them engaged.

B2C Social Media Marketing • B2B Inbound Marketing • Content Marketing


Marketing Operations

The dynamic media environment demands new processes and modes of operation for marketing teams and beyond. The evolution towards true social business demands a clear vision and leadership.

Social Listening • Collaboration • Guidelines • Training • Governance 


General Consulting

Got a question or a problem? Drop me a line.