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Nomad ChargeKey and ChargeCard Review

Nomad sent me two of their very cool lightning cable chargers to review.

Off the bat, I'll give Nomad points for their easy-to-open cardboard packaging. (I hate those awful blister packs.)



Here are the photos I took of the cables:

I dig these cables, especially the ChargeKey which has earned a permanent spot on my keyring. The ChargeKey feels rugged (not a word I'd use to describe most cables).

I tested the ChargeKey at home to charge my iPhone 5. It worked like a charm. Speaking of charming, that adorable young man on my iPhone wallpaper is my nephew.

Ahead of a client meeting, I tossed the ChargeCard into the small gadget bag I carry in my laptop bag. The ChargeCard fit right in. I hooked it up during the presentation to charge my phone (my colleague Mou took the photo). The ChargeCard is a remarkable thing — very compact.

Nomad has just announced an upgraded line of chargers including the new (and very sweet looking) NomadCarabiner (photo above). If you want to pre-order a charger for $29 on, then you may use the code "LIVESIMPLE" this week at checkout to get 25% off your order.

The Nomad ChargeKey and ChargeCard are solid, useful, portable. If you're a remote worker (Who isn't these days?), I recommend you check Nomad out.