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Reads for Marketing Leaders: Social Media Integration 

First in what may become a series of posts wherein I read marketing papers, reports, etc and share summaries.


Forrester Research: Integrate Social Into Your Marketing RaDaR: by Nate Elliot, Kim Celstre, and Zachary Reiss-Davis, August 7, 2013


US Marketers spent nearly $5 billion on social media marketing in 2013 and many did not recognize value for their investments. This sad state of affairs is caused by setting up social in isolation and failing to recognize social media as a channel.

Forrester has developed a model called RaDaR to determine how social media supports marketing programs. The RaDaR model is a tool to help marketers determine which part of their program needs the most help and select the social media activities (and metrics) to match.



As illustrated above, the RaDaR model is layers of marketing activity:

  • Social Reach tactics to help people discover your message - "both word-of-mouth (WOM) marketing and paid social advertising can deliver reach for your marketing programs"


  • Social Depth tactics help prospects explore and purchase - "people most commonly turn for such detailed information to a brand's own website." The addition of blogs, communities, ratings and review extend the site's value beyond brochureware by exposing prospects to "real customer experiences".


  • Social Relationship tactics help build stronger engagement - post-purchase people have multiple relationship channels including email, postal mail and loyalty programs. Branded profiles on social media sites can foster strongerrelationships with customers.

Integration of social with existing tactics, channels and activities is the way to achieve success. A planning process clarify where social fits involves: study of the behaviours of your audience; defining the business objectives; setting a winning strategy and selecting the best technology for your needs.

Leona's take:

The RaDaR acronym is useful in helping classify social media marketing activities. This paper offers depth around each of the RaDaR tactical areas which would be good for anyone looking to figure out how social fits in their business.

To get your hands on the report: