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Reads for Marketing Leaders: Social Media Integration 

First in what may become a series of posts wherein I read marketing papers, reports, etc and share summaries.


Forrester Research: Integrate Social Into Your Marketing RaDaR: by Nate Elliot, Kim Celstre, and Zachary Reiss-Davis, August 7, 2013


US Marketers spent nearly $5 billion on social media marketing in 2013 and many did not recognize value for their investments. This sad state of affairs is caused by setting up social in isolation and failing to recognize social media as a channel.

Forrester has developed a model called RaDaR to determine how social media supports marketing programs. The RaDaR model is a tool to help marketers determine which part of their program needs the most help and select the social media activities (and metrics) to match.



As illustrated above, the RaDaR model is layers of marketing activity:

  • Social Reach tactics to help people discover your message - "both word-of-mouth (WOM) marketing and paid social advertising can deliver reach for your marketing programs"


  • Social Depth tactics help prospects explore and purchase - "people most commonly turn for such detailed information to a brand's own website." The addition of blogs, communities, ratings and review extend the site's value beyond brochureware by exposing prospects to "real customer experiences".


  • Social Relationship tactics help build stronger engagement - post-purchase people have multiple relationship channels including email, postal mail and loyalty programs. Branded profiles on social media sites can foster strongerrelationships with customers.

Integration of social with existing tactics, channels and activities is the way to achieve success. A planning process clarify where social fits involves: study of the behaviours of your audience; defining the business objectives; setting a winning strategy and selecting the best technology for your needs.

Leona's take:

The RaDaR acronym is useful in helping classify social media marketing activities. This paper offers depth around each of the RaDaR tactical areas which would be good for anyone looking to figure out how social fits in their business.

To get your hands on the report:


Pressly = Magic for Content Marketers

A la peanut butter sandwiches!

Above: Caroursel widget courtesy of Pressly - created and published in ~20 minutes)

Earlier this week I had a chance to sit down for a demo and discussion with ‎Jeff Brenner, co-founder of Pressly, a content marketing hub for brand publishing and content curation.

Jeff explained that Pressly first worked with major publishers to mobilize their content for smartphones and tablets. Jeff said growth these days is on the brand side — both B2B and B2C. He's passionate about Pressly that claims to be "the fastest, easiest and most reliable way to gather original and curated content into a beautiful branded responsive hub".

Pressly has me at "Hello" 

I've been around the block a few times doing content marketing campaigns for major brands, so I've seen my share of platforms and I've been frustrated by the constraints of my clients' "enterprise" infrastructure when trying to get a program going. With that in mind, I believe Pressly addresses major pain points for content marketers like me these days:

  • Corralling traffic from disparate web and social properties to a brand-controlled domain
  • Incorporating social and dynamic content modules on the (IT-controlled) company website
  • Having access to the data needed to track user behaviour and the tools at hand to quickly optimize and execute content-driven campaigns for acquisition and engagement
  • Developing content landing pages and quickly scaling campaigns without the need (and cost) of cycles for design and development
  • Integrating with other marketing platforms and tools - analytics, automation, email, etc.

Pressly did not fail to geek me right out. It is a platform that efficiently allows marketers to quickly and efficiently delpoy rich content marketing across web, mobile, email and social. Seriously. My mind is kind of blown right now.

Pressly in action

With Pressly you can generate all manner of embeds. Here's an embed of brands using Pressly (so meta, right?):

If you'd like to give Pressly a whirl, there's a free trial offer over on their site.


Welcome 2014: Meta-trends for computing

This caught my eye a few days back — Forrester's predictions for six meta-trends that will be critical for computing in 2014:

Predictions for 2014: Computing Technologies In The Age Of The Customer

In Predictions for 2014: Computing Technologies in The Age of the Customer, JP Gownder covers all the bases. The trends I'm most into seeing develop and evolve in 2014 are:

  • Mobility: Look for a sustained mobile mind shift. Customers and employees are beginning to expect that the information, services, social networks, and customer service will all be available to them in context on any device at their exact moment of need. In 2014, we'll see an increase in this mobile mind shift. Customers will actively shun businesses that lack mobile applications to enrich their experiences. Customers will gravitate toward businesses that use mobile technology proactively to solve their hardest problems.
  • Channel: Time for discontinuous innovation. 2014 will be the year in which you walk into a store and it "knows you" and customizes your visit. Technologies will start to bring a greater sense of relevance and tailored experience to shopping, as Tesco is doing with facial recognition software that allows it to serve up appropriate ad content in its stores.

It'll be interesting to see how these trends evolve and how long it takes them to gain traction in the market.



LH is back.

I finished up my full-time gig in September and I'm happy to be back to working under my own banner. I'm doing what I like best — working with clients to achieve their goals with digital and social media marketing strategies and programs.

So what's next? I'm already working with some quite wonderful clients and agencies. I've also got a bunch of irons in the fire for future projects. And I'm open to whatever other opportunities may crop up.

This means I have time for chats over coffee with former colleagues, prospective collaborators and folks wanting to connect (or re-connect). Let me know if you'd like to meet up!

And I should have a more capacity for writing, so look for more posts and shares from me in the not too distant future. 



Media Consumption Habits: Canada vs. US

I seldom open, much less post, anything that arrives in my inbox by unsolicited pitch (previously). Today, I'm making an exception as Media-Corps has pulled together a useful comparison that exposes key Canadians vs. American media and marketing differences.