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New Gig: Digital Practice Lead at MMK Marketing

New beginnings are the best. And I've got a new job! Here are the top five reasons why I decided to become Digital Practice Lead at MMK Marketing.


  1. You don’t often get a chance to try out your boss and colleagues ahead of taking a job. I’ve been working with Monica Kwias and the team at MMK Marketing for over two years and have found them to be a group of passionate, experienced and smart marketers.

  2. My workstyle is what I need it to be for optimum health and wellness. Because MMK Marketing is a virtual agency, I’ll continue to be based from the home office with at least daily contact and collaboration with my colleagues supplemented occasional in-person meetings and events.

  3. The client list is top-notch. If I told you who they were I’d have to kill you. Suffice it to say they are big brands who have embraced converged digital marketing.

  4. I’ve got a clear mandate to lead and develop the digital practice at MMK. Beyond pure digital, the other side of MMK Marketing (retail/shopper marketing) has started to yield opportunities for omni channel retail/digital marketing aligned to the buyer journey.

  5. I just love teams and helping people achieve their potential. I’ve been around the block with a few agencies; so I’ve got a pretty clear idea about what makes sense when running a digital practice.


Coffee is on me if you’re interested in chatting about working with MMK Marketing. We are a mighty force when our approach marries with client objectives.


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