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Apple tops global top 100 brand corporation ranking, but where is the love?

via TNW:

Apple’s stock is riding higher than ever thanks to the iPhone 5 launch excitement, propelling its share price to over $700, giving the consumer electronics juggernaut a market capitalization of approximately $660 billion.

According to Eurobrand, an independent European firm specializing in trademarks, patent valuation and IP strategies, Apple’s brand value is soaring as well. And not just a little.

The company pegs (press release in French) Apple’s current brand value at a staggering 100.239 billion euros (roughly $130.6 billion), up from 66.658 billion euros in 2011 – a 43.9 percent increase in just one year.

Eurobrand's top 100 brands: Eurobrand+2012+Global+Top+100

When I see a list like this I can't help but mentally cross off the ones with whom I've worked. Ego aside, I'm  interested in how companies arrive at their valuation. Eurobrand's valuation methodology includes:

  • Patent review
  • Royalty calculation
  • Brand value analysis

So where is the love in these valuations? I accept that brand associations a person has like thoughts, feelings, perceptions, images, experiences, beliefs, attitudes, are indelibly part of the brand. Perhaps a valuation like Lovemarks or positive share of voice is included in eurobrand's "brand value analysis". (Saatchi & Saatchi's Lovemarks values brands based on consumer perception and respect.) To not take into consideration some kind of indicator for consumer love/passion/perception seems like a giant miss in truly understanding the value of a brand.

The Love / Respect Axis from Lovemarks




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