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I've Joined Sequentia Environics

I'm excited to announce that I've joined Sequentia Environics as Head of Agency Services. 

A truly great gig, I'm leading the team that provides services to clients in community-building, content marketing, metrics, research and strategic planning. 

From the news release announcing my appointment:

Sequentia Environics today announced it has appointed Leona Hobbs as Head of Agency Services. In this new role, Leona will be responsible for guiding the overall agency services business, including strategic direction, service innovation and the recruitment and retention of talent. 

This also means that I am winding down my consulting practice. A huge thank you to my clients and collaborators who made the work so fulfilling. 

I am continuing to develop my stealthy start-up project(s).

So, Why Sequentia Environics?

Here are my top 5 reasons:

  1. I loved the freedom and flexibility of doing my own thing, but I missed having a team. I've been working with the Sequentia team for a few months in a consulting capacity and know them to be kind, super smart and keen to deliver quality work for clients. 
  2. Squeeze. Jen Evans and team have built a marvelous content performance measurement tool in Squeeze. Having this tool (and expertise) in-house means that Sequentia Environics creates unique content marketing programs with deeply-embeded performance analytics. It is mind-blowingly awesome.
  3. I have long admired Sequentia Environics for its intellectual property. For almost a decade, Sequentia has done innovative work with clients. Along the way, they have developed some very cool approaches, methods and processes. In my new role I get to unleash my inner workflow, documentation and iteration geek to make that IP stronger and drive innovation.
  4. Leadership. Jen Evans and the management team at Sequentia Environics are a bold and visionary bunch. I'm pleased to part of it. I also get to reconnect with friends and former colleagues throughout the Environics group of companies. How cool is that? 
  5. The roster of current clients is stellar and client programs are diverse and innovative. Our clients are eager to scale their communities; drive leads using content; understand and measure the effectiveness of their social and digital marketing programs and uncover new insights from research. We do those things well. 2013 is shaping up to be a very cool year.

Reader Comments (1)

Congratulations, Leona! A very exciting development. And, they are truly lucky to have you. I wish all of you well!

December 2, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterConnie Crosby

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